To encourage and facilitate an open dialogue among Title III eligible Schools as they work together to quantify the legislative intent of Title III program legislation thereby strengthening the resource development capacity of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in order to move them into the mainstream of American Higher Education. 


 1) To organize and develop the administrative management structure of the organization. 
    1.1 Develop by-laws 
    1.2 Incorporate 
    1.3 Obtain non-profit status 
    1.4 Develop long term goals and objectives
2) To provide ready access to resource development materials. 
    2.1 HBCU Administrators web site 
    2.2 Annual Technical assistance workshops
3) To quantify a common set of performance indicators among the schools.

For more information, visit the Association's website:  National Association of Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Title III Administrators