Strengthening Fund Management/
Fiscal Responsibility

Mrs. Monique Silas, Activity Director

The Funds Management/Fiscal Responsibility Activity of the Title III program provides funds to assist the college with strengthening internal controls and fiscal responsibility and accountability. The activities for the 2013- 017 includes initiating Risk Assessment Processes and Procedures by assessing the areas the college appears to be most vulnerable, and developing procedures to reduce associated risks, reduce audit findings and increase program compliance and integrity campus wide; Educating, training, retraining, and retooling 100% of the Administrative Services Staff through professional development opportunities, seminars, workshops and memberships necessary to maintain skills and acquire new skills needed to perform required duties; supporting and increasing by 25% the paperless efforts developed through the Electronic Document Management System by maintaining the document imaging processes, and online requisitions and online budgets and increasing security measures in the payment disbursement process by eliminating 25% of the written checks and pay source card deactivations by processing student payables through a one card program.

The increase in audits over the last several years at the college dictates the need for an ongoing risk assessment program that will require faculty and staff to participate with regular assessment surveys that can alert the Business Affairs Office of potential internal control weaknesses. This activity will continue to allow staff in the Administrative and Student Services, specifically in the Business Affairs Office to acquire the training and retooling to enhance and maintain the skills necessary to efficiently manage the administrative areas of the college. Conferences and workshops are attended to make sure staff in all areas are exposed to best practices in the college and university settings.

The college intends to continue to pursue a paperless environment among all Departments with the Division of Administrative & Student Services. The document imaging/document management efforts will continue to assist with customer services efforts between campuses, continue the ease of record retrieval in response to audit and legal requests and assist with record disposal and record retention requirements imposed by the State of Alabama. The college intends to increase the use of technology by providing the campus card to students. This process, once established, will reduce the cost of printing and issuing paper checks for student refunds as well as providing ease and security in payments to students. In addition, the student will be able to use one card to provide building access, cafeteria and other auxiliary purchases as well as serve as photo identification.

The activity is related to the mission of the institution via institutional goals:
Goal 3: To thoroughly integrate technology college-wide in instruction and administrative services.
Goal 4: To be recognized as institution that is fiscally responsible.