Title III Activities


Activity Director


Dr. Shawanda Thomas

Improving Academic Success Levels of Developmental (At-Risk) Students)

Dr. Sherri Davis

Strengthening Distance Learning

Dr. Kesha James

Strengthening Professional Development

Dr. Bruce Crawford

Transforming Library Experiences – Building Collections for The 21st Century

Julie Kennedy

Strengthening Culinary Arts

Executive Chef Adam Elliott

Student Persistence Through Assistance and Collaborative Efforts (SPACE)

Lesley Harper

Strengthening Instructional Facilities

Chad Yancy

Strengthening Management Information Systems

Jim Mankowich

Program Administration

Dr. Myrtes D. Green

Strengthening Fund Management/Fiscal Responsibility

Monique Silas

Strengthening The Office of Student Financial Services In A Technological Environment

Angela Croskey


Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (SAFRA)

Improving Instructional Facilities

Chad Yancy

Program Administration

Dr. Myrtes D. Green