Educational Testing Services

ETS® Proficiency Profile

ETS has a long history of effectively helping institutions satisfy accreditation requirements and measure student performance. And, as the conversations around student learning outcomes and the shifting higher education landscape continue, it is important to work with a market leader who can provide valid and reliable data and position you for the future.

ETS is a general education outcomes assessment of core skills — critical thinking, reading, writing and mathematics — in a single, efficient test. Higher education institutions use the results to demonstrate program effectiveness for accreditation and funding, inform teaching, and analyze trends.

Who Takes the Test and Why?

College students take the ETS Proficiency Profile so that their institutions can demonstrate program effectiveness for accreditation and funding purposes. Plus, students taking the online standard form can earn a Certificate of Achievement. Students can share this electronic certificate with an unlimited number of academic institutions and prospective employers. The certificate also adds value to institutions looking to measure student learning outcomes. Published ETS research proves the connection between motivation and performance on student learning outcomes. Knowing a certificate — with value beyond the classroom — is at stake, students will have the motivation to perform well and demonstrate their true ability.

Colleges and universities can also conduct various studies, such as cross-sectional and longitudinal, using ETS Proficiency Profile data to determine how much their students are learning and how they can improve learning outcomes.

Students graduating with A.A., A.S., A.A.S., or A.O.T. degrees are required to take the ETS Proficiency Profile examination.  There is no cost to the student to take the exam.