Lawson State Community College is committed to providing direct, basic triage health care to students following an assessment of illness or injury by a licensed staff member. The College will initiate contact with emergency medical or paramedic personnel and assist with providing necessary information for transport. Further, the College will make contact with students' emergency contact person(s), in compliance with applicable federal, state and College privacy policies and procedures.

Wellness is an integral component of our student health services. Every effort is made to increase awareness among students of latest information and trends that would increase one's overall health. The College fulfills this component through disseminating health pamphlets, hosting health fairs, various symposia and films relating to health issues (AIDS, alcohol, drugs, teenage pregnancy, etc.).

In case of a medical emergency, dial 911 and contact Campus Police at 925-3587. For basic triage, illness or injury assessment contact Mrs. Gwendolyn Collins, Student Health Nurse at 205-929-2008. The student’s parents, spouse, guardian or any other person designated will be contacted as soon as possible to inform them of the student’s condition and any other vital information needed. All expenses incurred for care beyond that provided by Lawson State Community College’s are the responsibility of the student. 

NOTE: Place the procedure for 1) reporting a an accident on campus and filing an insurance claim. Also, link the accident insurance claim form; 2) reporting and filing an accidental death claim for a student