Support Services Provided

Priority Registration

Priority registration is provided for students who have identified themselves as a person having a disability. The student is responsible for regular advisement through his/her academic advisor and/or the disability services counselor. After consultation with the academic advisor, the student must have the registration form approved by the disability services counselor.

Disability Services 

*Screening of disability documentation
*Determination of appropriate accommodations
*Communication with faculty and/or staff regarding student needs
*Referral to other available campus and/or community resources
*Disseminate information regarding federal requirements and college policy regarding Section 504
*Works to resolve issues regarding accommodations for students
*Serves as resource for students needing guidance in regards to receiving appropriate and reasonable academic modifications

Counseling Services

*Provides personal, career, and psychological counseling to students with disabilities
*Provide academic and career advisement to students with disabilities
*Conducts appropriate pre/post assessment counseling
*Encourages participation in campus and student activities

Student Support Services

Student Support Services is a federally funded program that provides academic assistance and cultural and educational enrichment to eligible students who qualify, including students with disabilities.  Services provided include:
* Peer and Faculty Mentors
* Study and Test Taking seminars and workshops
* Academic counseling and advisement

SPACE Center 

The purpose of the SPACE Center is to combine academic and non-academic support services and to proactively assist students in utilizing these services. The following services are provided in through the center:
*Technology Based Services
*Academic Support Services