Responsibilities of Students

Students with disabilities are responsible for informing the college about the disability and the need for reasonable accommodations.  Under best circumstances, this should be done prior to or upon enrollment at the college.  Students must furnish adequate documentation of their disabilities from medical or other appropriate professionals in order to substantiate the need for services.  

The student will: 

  • Meet with one of the college's ADA Counselors and identify as a student with a disability in order to access accommodations and services available.
  • Provide a class schedule at the beginning of the semester to the ADA Counselor for the development of the faculty notification letter (accommodations letter). 
  • Meet with each faculty member to present their accommodation letters and discuss arrangements for accommodations.  Please ensure that everything is worked out (i.e., how extended time is given, who will be taking student notes, etc...).  NOTE:  Failure to present your accommodations letter can lead to issues related to your accommodations. Thus, it is of utmost importance that all ADA students present their accommodations letters to each individual instructor each new semester.
  • Notify in a timely manner of the need for services or change in service requirements.
  • Adhere to all academic requirements and policies
  • Report any issues or concerns related to accommodations not being met.  Contact one of the ADA Counselors immediately under such circumstances.  Do not defer or delay.  This is extremely important.