Report Concerns or Issues Related to Your Accommodations

You will find that Lawson State Community College is very supportive of your accommodation needs.  Our faculty and staff members are trained on their responsibilities as instructors and understand the importance of providing your accommodations.  However, although extremely rare, if you feel that your accommodations are not being met at the level to meet your satisfaction, it is of utmost importance that you alert your instructor immediately and discuss the matter.  0ften times it could just be a communication breakdown, so first address the matter directly.  If unresolved, report the issue to your ADA Counselor for official investigation and resolution into the matter. 

Lawson State prides itself on being your advocate as an ADA student.  Thus, report such issues to us first hand so we can address the matter directly and resolve the issue. 

Examples of what is appropriate to report:  Instructor is not providing enough or inconsistent extended test taking time although my accommodations clearly state that I am to be given additional time.  No note taker is being provided although my accommodations state that I am entitled to one.  My instructor will not allow me to record his/her lectures although my accommodations outline that I can allowed to do so, etc...

Click the "Report It!" icon below if you have a concern about your accommodations being met.