Individual and Group Counseling 

Counseling services are provided at no cost to students currently enrolled in Lawson State.

Disability/ADA Services

Lawson State Community College is committed to serving students with disabilities by providing reasonable accommodations appropriate to the student's diagnosis.  Lawson State Community College has established policies regarding documentation of an student's disability and the process for requesting accommodations.

Academic Counseling

Occasionally students encounter academic difficulties not because they do not understand the course material, but due to other factors such as poorly developed study skills, unrealistic expectations about how much they can handle, or extreme anxiety.  Academic counseling can be a tool for helping students figure out what may be impeding their academic success.


Counselors provide an array of tests and assessments.  Testing is done by appointments on a scheduled basis.  Please contact a counselor regarding the test that you would like to take.


Counselors can also provide you with information and resources regarding other services in the college community and Birmingham and Bessemer Area. 

Seminars and Workshops

Counselors, throughout the school year, provide an array of student seminars and workshops on a multitude of topics designed to enhanced the student experience and improve student learning and engagement.


Counselors cooperate with other internal departments and external agencies to provide students with the best possible choices for securing appropriate services.