Certified Nursing Assistant

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Certified Nursing Assistant

Lawson State offers a Certified Nursing Assistant training course.   The course is offered on the Bessemer Campus twice per semester.  The class meets on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for 5 weeks from 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm.  The estimated cost of tuition and fees is $671.00.  The book and the workbook may be purchased at the campus bookstore for approximately $50.00.  Students will also be required to complete a Health Form and to receive certain immunizations at the student's expense.  I.E. TB skin test and hepatitis-B. 

Program of Study


 Course Credit 
 NAS100 Long-Term Care Nursing Assistant  4
                                               Total Hours  4

Please contact Dorothy Young at (205) 929-3461 or dyoung@lawsonstate.edu for more information.
*Dates and cost are subject to change without prior notification.