ANNOUNCEMENT:  The Dental Assisting Certificate Program is now approved to accept WIOA.

Dental Assisting Program
Lawson State Dental Assisting Program is accredited by CODA--the Commission on Dental Accreditation. The mission of the Dental Assisting program is to provide the academic and clinical learning experiences that assist students in developing the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for successful and effective functioning in the biological, behavioral, and clinical aspects of dental assisting and to encourage graduates to continually seek personal and professional growth opportunities. 

Dr. Teresa Ray
Dental Assisting Program Director
Office: 205.929.3440

Dental Assisting is an excellent healthcare profession. Dental assistants help with direct patient care while under the supervision of a dentist.   While in this program dental assisting students learn a variety of skills including chairside assisting, sterilization and infection control procedures, dental laboratory procedures, office and bookkeeping, and dental radiology.

Explore the Field of Dental Assisting

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Lawson State offers two-degree pathways in Dental Assisting:

Dental Assisting Certificate Curriculum
Dental Assisting Associate in Applied Science Curriculum

The program is for three semesters beginning in the fall semester, annually. Program applications are due June 30th of each academic year. "As Director of the Dental Assisting Program, I welcome each student and will facilitate the attainment of his/her career goals. It is my intent to support the success of each student by providing additional help and cooperation as needed." - Dr. Teresa Ray, Dental Assisting Director

Estimated Cost to Attend:
How to estimate cost of the Dental Assisting Degree or Certificate Program?  
Step 1:  Review the current Tuition and Fee Schedule to determine the cost of 1 credit.
Step 2:  Review how many credits your degree or certificate program has.
Step 3:  Multiple the total number of credit hours you are seeking by the cost of earning 1 credit.
Example:  Or, if your full certificate program has 49 credits hours and the cost for 1 credit $174, then you would multiple 49 x 174= $8,526 (total tuition and fee cost). 
Or, i
f your full degree program has 64 credits hours and the cost for 1 credit $174, then you would multiple  64 x 174= $11,136 (total tuition and fee cost)

Program's Goals

Demonstrate the clinical competencies of an entry-level dental assistant.
Function safely and efficiently as a member of the dental team under the supervision of the dentist.
Communicate effectively with patients and dental team members.
Provide dental services with respect and compassion regardless of cultural diversity.
Exhibit legal and ethical behavior which adheres to professional conduct standards for dentistry.

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