Natural Sciences Department

Dr. Tracey Wilson, Department Chairperson

Natural Science Faculty Members

Dr. Tracey Wilson, Department Chairperson                      
Dr. Mary Ellison, Biology Instructor                                   
Mrs. Wynell Gilbert, Biology Instructor                             
Dr. N. Lopatina, Biology Instructor                          

Natural Science Degree Options are Below (See LSCC Catalog)

For more specifics on course options, view the LSCC Catalog below (click on the icon to view degree details)  or review the STARS Guide look up. 


Natural Science Degree Options:  

Clicking on any degree (below) will take you to your STARS Guide page.  For your specific LSCC catalog listing, click on the catalog icon above.  Degree options are listed in alphabetical order and include all General Education listings.  

NOTE:  Area V listing may be limited based on enrollments with specific degree plans.  See your advisor for more information.

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Agricultural Sciences
Animal Sciences
Biology Education (falls under the Social Sciences Dept.)
Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Sciences
Bio-systems Engineering
Building Science
Chemical Engineering
Chemistry Education (falls in Social Sciences Dept.)
Clinical Lab Sciences / Medical Tech
Crop and Soil Science
Dentistry (Pre)
Environmental Science
Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences
Food Science
General Science Education: Middle/High School (falls under the Social Sciences Dept.)
Health Science
Industrial Hygiene
Kinesiology & Exercise Science
Laboratory Sciences
Medicine (Pre)
Nursing (Pre)
Occupational Therapy (Pre)
Optometry (Pre)
Osteopathic Medicine (Pre)
Pharmacy (Pre)
Physical Activity and Health
Physics Education: Middle/ High School (falls under the Social Sciences Dept.)
Physical Therapy (Pre)
Poultry Science
Professional Flight
Professional Health Sciences
Radiologic Sciences
Respiratory Therapy/ Cardio Science
Science (General, Non-Teaching, Comprehensive)
Veterinary Medicine (Pre)