Languages and Literature Department

 Ms. Vyavuka Masimasi, Department Chairperson

Languages and Literature Faculty Members:

Ms. Vyavuka Masimasi, Department Chairperson & English Instructor    
Dr. Rhonda Branch, Spanish Instructor   
Mr. Cedric Burden, English Instructor   
Ms. Rebecca Duncan, Department Chairperson of Humanities and Fine Ats & English  Instructor
Mrs. Sandra Hall, Developmental English and Humanities & English Instructor
Mr. Harold Higginbotham, English & Humanities Instructor 
Dr. Kelvin King, English and Speech  Instructor
Dr. Stephen Monti, English & Developmental English Instructor  
Mr. Shelly Millender III, Developmental English and English Instructor 
Dr. Ann Swanberg, Developmental English and English Instructor 

Languages and Literature Degree Options are Below (See LSCC Catalog)

For more specifics on course options, view the LSCC Catalog below (click on the icon to view degree details)  or review the STARS Guide (below).


Language and Literature Degree Options:  

Clicking on any degree (below) will take you to your STARS Guide page.  For your specific LSCC catalog listing, click on the catalog icon above.  Degree options are listed in alphabetical order and include all General Education listings.  

NOTE:  Area V listing may be limited based on enrollments with specific degree plans.  See your advisor for more information.


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Art Education (falls in Social Sciences Dept.)
Art History (falls in Social Sciences Dept.)
Art Studio
Communication Studies or Speech 
Education (fall under Social Sciences)
English/ Language Arts Education: Middle/ High School (falls under Social Sciences Dept.)
Foreign Language
Pre-Law (fall under Social Sciences)
Music Education (falls under Social Sciences)
Public Relations
Religious Studies
Social Work (Technician)--Non-transferable 
Speech Pathology 
Pre-Speech Therapy
Spanish Education: Middle/High School (falls under Social Sciences)
Telecommunication (Film or Broadcasting)