Employee Tuition Waiver

The tuition waiver program is a benefit for full-time and schedule H employees of The Alabama Community College System with at least one full academic or calendar year of employment (whichever is less restrictive) prior to the first scheduled day of class for the applicable term.

Eligibility for employees and their dependents (to include the spouse of any full-time employee, the unmarried, natural or adopted children of any full-time employee, residing in the household of the employee or the employee's former spouse; and/or the unmarried stepchildren of any full-time employee, residing in the household of the employee), as verified by the College’s Human Resources Office,  will remain in effect for the duration of the qualified employee’s employment in The Alabama College System.

All eligible employees and their dependents will be allowed a prorated waiver of the normally-charged tuition based on their years of service (see waiver information below). Expenses for supplies, books, and fees are not covered.   Application and tuition waiver information are available below and in the Title III Office.

Tuition Waiver Information
Tuition Waiver Form

Tuition Waiver Benefits Chart:

After 1 year of employment = 1/3 tuition waived
After 2 years of employment = 2/3 tuition waived
After 3 years of employment = full tuition waived

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