New Employee Orientation

Welcome to the Team!

New Employees Complete these Steps! 

Welcome to Lawson State Community College!  In order to successfully transition and get acquainted with the various policies, procedures and online communication systems, follow the outlined steps below.

Step 1: Complete the Required Ethics Training 

Ethics Picture

As a Lawson State employee, you are required to view the Ethics Training Video provided by the Alabama Ethics Commission.  

You will be prompted to enter your name and choose LSCC as your place of employment, and  generate your certificate at the end of the video.   Please print your certificate at the end of the video, sign it and forward it to Lawson State's Human Resources Office for filing.  You may choose to scan your signed certificate as a pdf and email it to  

  Step 2: Complete the Required Lawson State Emergency Operation Training    

As a Lawson State employee, you are required to view the Emergency Operation Training PowerPoint and the videos it contains. This training is provided by the Lawson State Police Department.  The Lawson State Community College Police Department is comprised of sworn officers recognized by the State of Alabama. The Department is a law enforcement agency oriented to serve the needs of our campus community. Click on the link above to access the PowerPoint . Please view the Lawson State Police Department page for additional information.

 Lawson State Emergency Operation Training: Active Shooter Video

Active Shooter Videos                                      Active Shooter Quiz

Lawson State Emergency Operation Training Acknowledgement:
After reviewing the Emergency Operation Training PowerPoint and watching the videos. Employees are required to acknowledge that they have completed the training here: 
Lawson State Emergency Operation Training Acknowledgement

Step 3: Title IX Training

All employees are required to complete annual Title IX training. As a new hire you are required to complete this during your onboarding.  The Title IX Training includes a short video and acknowledgement.
Lawson State Community College has a zero tolerance policy against harassment or retaliation.

 Step 4:  Complete Orientation for New Part-time Employees

All new part-time employees hired must complete the New Employee Orientation (online training) series via the Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning.  New part-time employees have two weeks to go through the course.  A certificate of completion will be issued to the employee and placed in the employee's employment folder upon completion.

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