Travel and Travel Reimbursement Procedures

Lawson State promotes and encourages the professional development of its staff.  Travel requests should be submitted no later than 30 days prior to one's travel date. 

The following process is in place for the approval of all employee travel:
1. Select related professional travel opportunity (30 days prior to travel).  Selection should be directly connected to one's job responsibilities.  Consider benefit to cost before applying. 
2. Complete the Travel Request Form (30 days prior to travel).
3. If travel is out of state, submit a Travel Justification along with the travel request.  The justification should be a type up 1-paragraph long statement which outlines why the trip is warranted and beneficial.
4. Complete the Reimbursement Form for your estimated expenses.  If your travel is out of state, attached a copy of the hotel projected expenses and airfare projected expenses.
5. Once all documents are collected and stapled to the Travel Request Form, submit your completed request (30 days prior to travel) to your Direct Supervisor for approval.  From there, the request will be submitted to Senior Level Administrators and Executive Level Administrators for approval.  Once approved, the request will then be forwarded to the President for final approval.
6.  If in-state travel is approved, no receipts are necessary.  Individuals will be provided with maximum dollar amount per day to cover any and all expenses (to include hotel and food).  The amount is $75 per day (but is flexible and can change). 
7.  If traveling out of state, collect all receipts for a dollar to dollar reimbursement.  When you return, submit a Travel Reimbursement Form (to the Vice President's Office) and attach all receipts to the document for verification.  It is best to tape receipts on a sheet of paper (in chronological order) and submit appropriately.  Typically, reimbursements are issued within 5 to 10 business days (at the latest).

Tips for Scheduling a Conference:
NOTE:  Consider cost in all measures when you travel to include hotel stay (and length of stay) as well as airfare.  Always shop around for the most economical rates.  Try to keep overnight stays down to 3 nights if at all possible.  Extended conferences that are not SACS COC related should be minimized.  Meaning, typically, conferences have a lead or travel day.  Look at the agenda carefully and travel on only the day in which the main conference actually begins and exit on the day the conference officially ends, not the next day.  Look for conferences that are not too, too far away from the state of Alabama.  In other words, Georgia  or the Carolinas is a better choice than the West Coast, etc...