Employment Advancement is not the same as a promotion.  A promotion is not linked to years of employment nor should it be assumed.  However, employment advancement is linked to one's educational achievement and its relationship with the statewide salary schedule.  Individuals seeking advancement on the salary scale MUST meet all educational requirements for such advancements.

To protect individuals from seeking degrees that may be higher but not connected to advancement, the College has implementd a Faculty and Staff Growth Plan.  Any employee who intends to seek Advancement in pay via the acquiring of an additional degree or additional credits under an existing degree (Specialist), MUST first submit a Faculty/Staff Growth Plan.  In doing so, Senior Level administrators will review and approve of the plan prior to the individual working on the additional degree or course work.  Failure to follow this step will render the College not responsible for granting an individuals request for advancement. 

Promotion in Rank:  Rank Change:  Rank changes can be quite tricky, largely because individuals seeking a rank change may skip the pre-approval process.  With that in mind, if you are interested in pursuing a higher degree and are also interested in receiving a rank change, you MUST follow these steps.

Step 1:  Study and Review the Credentialing Guidelines outlined in Policy 605.02.
605.02 Postsecondary Faculty Credentials (  |   )
  • Guidelines for 605.02 (  |   )
Be sure you understand the full requirements you will have to complete in order to move up in rank.  Ask questions throughout the process to ensure you understand. Step 2:  Select a nationally recognized accredited college or university.   Do your research. 

Step 3:  Select a field of study that is in the direct area in which you teach or work.  Avoid hybrid degrees.  Example, if you are a math teacher, major in math, not math education, etc... 

Step 4:  Before enrolling, complete a Faculty Growth Plan (click the link) and submit it to the Vice President's Office for pre-approval.  NEVER skip this step.

Step 5:  Once the Vice President has signed off on your Growth Plan, enroll and begin classes.  Update the Vice President accordingly. 

Step 6:  If you change your major or school, complete a new Faculty Growth Plan.

NOTE of CAUTION:  Failure to get your courses, major and college pre-approved can lead to the denial of a rank change. in the future

Promotion to a higher ranked position.  If a position of higher rank becomes available, the HR Department will post the position on the HR website.  If eligible, you will have to compete for the position against other viable candidates who either work at the college or are external to the college.  Once applications are collected and the posting date has closed, a committee is formed to review the applications.  Once applications are screened for qualifications, eligible candidates are interviewed and ranked.  The Top 3 candidate's names are sent to the President for possible hiring.  Only the President can select and appoint employees at Lawson State.