Disciplinary Guidelines

Lawson State, in accordance with Alabama's Students First Act, has a proactive and supportive approach to handling employee discipline and follows a progressive discipline plan.  The central focus is to (1) identify the problem; (2) address the problem directly with the employee in a supportive environment; (3) work out a shared plan to remedy and resolve the situation in the least punitive way; (4) monitor progress.  Given that all situations differ, all disciplinary action is handled on a case-by-case basis.  Discipline imposed depends upon, but is not limited to, the seriousness of the performance/behavioral issues and the impact such behavior or lack of performance is having on the College.

The College values all employees and will seek several other remedies prior to recommending termination unless the offense is so great that termination is the first option.  Indeed, the college always seeks to resolve employee issues first before seeking termination.  With that in mind, the College uses the following five-step, progressive discipline process in the management of employee behavior in most (but not all) cases. 

Discipline Steps:

Step 1:
Verbal warning(s)
Step 2: Written notice outlining specific problem with employee and outlining desire for the employee to improve.
Step 3:  If problem persist, suspension without pay may be sought depending on circumstances.  Requires approval of President. 
Step 4:  Improvement Plan (targeted Improvement Plan installed to help employee improve).
Step 5: Termination of employment, if Improvement Plan is not successful in improving employee performance.

Because some performance/behavioral issues warrant skipping steps in the process, the College reserves the right to immediately terminate an employee or skip any step(s) in the progressive discipline process.
Students First Act:  Bill