Lawson State Community College uses its email system as the main communication mechanism at the institution.  All employees, full and part-time, are expected to check email daily and respond to all email requests (from employees and students)  in a timely fashion (within 24 hours Monday-Friday).  Employees are not expected to respond to email over the weekend unless they are Mid-Level administrators (Directors, Associate/Assistant Deans) or Senior Level administrators (Deans), or Executive Level (Vice President/President) or if they teach an eCollege (online course).  eCollege instructors wishing not to check email over the weekend, MUST alert their students of this communication exception.  If no such announcement is posted in the class, then the eCollege instructor is expected to respond to distance education students over the weekend. 

If an employee fails to use email, and as such, causes disruptions in College processes and operations (e.g., submitting attendance reports, submitting grades, requested information) such behavior can lead to discipline or termination.

The Human Resources Office utilize e-mail to notify faculty & staff of the need to sign current letters of appointment.  It is the employee's responsibility to check e-mail and respond appropriately to the request.  Failure to sign appointment letters can lead to discipline or termination.

Email:  No persons employed by the College should assume confidentiality or privacy when using or transmitting messages via the College's email server. 
Prohibited Use of Email:  Lawson State email should never be used to solicit commercial business or to intimidate or threaten or commit cyber bullying.  Email is subject to search and is considered permanent records in legal cases.

All employees are expected to communicate professionally via email.  Cyber bullying, intimidation, threats or retaliation is never permitted via email or via other Social Networking entities.  Such behavior can lead to discipline or termination. 

Training on the email system is provided by CTEL (The Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning) via the Faculty and Staff Orientation or via the eMail website.  For website training, click on the email icon above.

   BLACKBOARD                    BB TRAINING
For over a decade now, the college has adopted Blackboard as its main delivery system for all
course content at the college.  As such, ALL faculty (both full and part-time) are required to
use Blackboard.  Blackboard training is provided via the College's Faculty and Staff and Staff
Orientation training, but it is also open to all faculty via CTEL online.  Click on the Blackboard 
Basic above to access online BB training. Or, Click on the Bb icon for access directions.

Use Requirements:  Lawson State faculty members are required to use Blackboard in all
courses taught at the college.  At minimum, students registered in a Lawson State class
should be able to gather the following from the Blackboard:        

  • Grades 
  • Powerpoint presentations or recorded mini-lectures
  • YouTube videos or other videos
  • Assignments
  • Classwork
  • Homework directions
  • Calendar
  • Instructor contact information
  • Instructor office hours information
  • Announcements
  • Syllabus, etc…      

Employee Suite (for Faculty & Staff)

Look at the Employee Suite as the main "hub" of your employee information and employee process.  The Employee Suite is designed to provide key employment records and support the majority of internal processes at the college to  include:

  • Payroll Stubs
  • Employment Records
  • W2 forms      
  • Attendance Recording (for faculty)
  • Attendance Verifications (No Shows)--(for faculty)
  • Grade Inputting (for faculty)
  • Requisition Requests and Approvals
  • Leave Requests and Approvals

Training on how to access and maneuver the Employee Suite is provided by CTEL.  To access the step-by-step access directions and tutorial, click on the computer icon above.

Social Media

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Employees are not authorized to create Social Media sites using Lawson's name without the express permission of Lawson State.  See the Public Relations Director for more information.  Employees can be subject to discipline or termination if engaged in social networking behavior that negatively impacts the reputation or mission of the college or violates or promotes crime or has implications of federal or state laws.