Adjunct Faculty Requirements

Adjunct faculty (teaching at least 3 to 9 credits of course work) are expected to:

1.  Enjoy the teaching process.
2.  Become Blackboard trained via the Faculty and Staff Orientation sessions.
3.  Stay abreast of changing technologies to use in the classroom to augment and enhance instruction.
4.  Meet minimum requirements of Blackboard postings as outlined under the Employee Responsibilities section in this handbook.
5.  Use and read Lawson State email daily and respond to student, faculty and administrative requests within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).
6.  Adhere to all College policies and state and federal laws that govern Colleges and institutions and protect students.
7.  Meet classes on time and come prepared
8.  Maintain an accurate gradebook via Blackboard that is update-to-date and accurate.
9.  Follow the outlined curriculum for the course(s) taught.
10.  Treat students and employees of Lawson State with respect at all times.
11.  Be sensitive and responsive to student needs.
12.  Report any personal complaints or forward complaints from students (on other students) or on other employees.
13.  Abide by the personal appearance policies as outlined in this handbook.
14.  Create a friendly, safe and healthy classroom environment.
15.  Work with students to resolve concerns in a positive manner.
16.  Sign letter of appointment at the beginning of each semester. 

Adjunct Faculty:  Verification Requirements (Limitations)

Lawson State does not contract out any adjunct faculty teaching more than 19 hours or 8 to 9 credits (two 4-credit courses or three 3-credit courses) for any given semester or term.  In addition, if an adjunct teaches for more than one community college in the state of Alabama, he or she MUST notify Lawson State and combined may not teach more than 12 credit hours.  If so, Lawson State can terminate employment immediately.

All adjuncts employed must sign a verification form acknowledging understanding of this policy.  If you are an adjunct employee at Lawson State, and you have not signed this ackowledgment, please stop by the HR Office the next time you are on campus.  Thanks.