Faculty and Staff Annual Performance Evaluations

Annual Performance Evaluation Process:

The Annual Performance Evaluation Process is managed by the Human Resources Office.  All full and part-time faculty and staff members are evaluated annually by their immediate supervisors.  Evaluations are conducted at the end of the spring term for both traditional (ground instructors) and online instructors.  Student evaluations (which access the course and overall course delivery for both traditional and online courses ) are done each semester and results are folded into the formal evaluation of all faculty members.   Although not required, supervisors have the option of conducting Mid-term evaluations on full-time employees (only) to provide employees with a mid-term updates of their progress.  Evaluation instruments are housed on the L-Drive and below (for immediate access).  The annual performance evaluation process is designed to give employees an assessment of their performance on the job and to identify both strengths and weaknesses (areas needing improvement). 

If an employee is identified (via the performance tool) as needing additional support, he or she can be placed on an Improvement Plan which fosters more specific and targeted support for improvement.  Typically, Improvement Plans run for a full year, unless it is determined that more time is needed to provide the faculty and staff member with additional support. 

Copies of evaluations are housed in the Human Resources Department for each employee.   The Human Resource Director oversees the faithful execution of  the Annual Performance and Evaluation Process at Lawson State.  For more information on the Faculty Evaluation Process, please read Lawson State's Planning & Evaluation Manual (2020-2022).pdf


Signing of Your Evaluation and Refuting Evaluations (if in Disagreement):

Evaluations should always be signed.  Your signature on your evaluation affirms that your evaluation was conducted.  It does NOT affirm that you agree or disagree with the actual evaluation (unless you check off that you "agree" on the actual form.  In fact, each evaluation at Lawson State enables the employee to acknowledge agreement or disagreement with the actual evaluation.  However, you must sign the document to issue an official disagreement with your evaluation.  Following a disagreement, you can also file a detailed rebuttal (within 10 business days following your evaluation)  which serves to address your concerns and or disagreement with the evaluation.  Please be advised that employees who refuse to sign their evaluations do NOT stop the evaluation from being filed in the employee's personnel file.  In such cases, the supervisor will need to consult with HR and obtain a 3rd party signature witnessing the employee's refusal to sign.

Take a preview. 

The statement below is located on every evaluation and outlines the parameters in which employees are asked to sign.

This evaluation has been presented and discussed with the undersigned employee.  The employee’s signature does not necessarily reflect agreement with the evaluation.  Rather, it validates that the formal evaluation of this employee was conducted.   If in disagreement with this evaluation, the employee should sign the form and then submit a written rebuttal to the Human Resources Director within 10 business days from the date below.  The written rebuttal will be maintained in the employee’s personnel file along with the formal evaluation results shared within this document.

r I agree with this evaluation.      r I disagree with this evaluation. 

Evaluation & Observation Instruments:


Before opening the forms below, please read the following statements. Some of the following forms are in the Microsoft Word Format. We recommend that you download a copy of the form to your desktop and work with the document locally. Regardless of the internet browser you are using, do not left click on the links to obtain the form.

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Faculty Evaluation Instruments:

New Faculty Evaluation Instruments Coming Soon!

Faculty:  Mid-Term Conference Form (for full-time employees only)

Faculty (Informal) Classroom Observation Form

Faculty (Formal) Classroom Observation Form

Staff Evaluation Instruments:

New Staff Evaluation Instruments Coming Soon!

Staff Mid-Term Conference Form (for full-time employees only)       

Administrative Evaluation Instruments:

New Administrative Evaluation Instruments Coming Soon!

Administrator Mid-Term Conference Form (for full-time employees only)