Unofficial Withdrawal (Dropping Out)


Federal regulations require the College to perform a Return of Title IV calculation for students who enroll at the College using Title IV Funds, but who later stop attending classes, without initiating an official withdrawal.

A student who stops attending without following the official withdrawal policy will be assigned a letter grade of “F” by the course instructor.  Although Lawson State Community College is a non-attendance taking college, the instructor is required to provide a Last Date of Attendance (LDA) for the student.  There are instances where all instructors do not provide the LDA, therefore, the withdrawal date used is the last date of an academically related activity that the student participated in or 50% of the academic term.  The results of the calculations may include full or partial cancellation of Title IV Funds (Pell Grant, FSEOG, CWS), which may result in the student owing funds back to the U.S. Department of Education. 

*Failure to repay the funds immediately will result in an overpayment situation which will make the student ineligible to receive further Title IV Funds at Lawson State Community College or any other college.  In addition, the student’s account will be placed on hold for registration for subsequent terms and transcript requests.

If the student has not repaid or made payment arrangements with the Business Office within 45 days of notification, their overpayment information will be reported to the National Student Loan Data Systems (NSLDS).