Financial Aid 101:

Everything You Need to Know (Video Tutorial Series)

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Need help financing your education and understanding more about Financial Aid and the Financial Aid process? Lawson State (LSCC) provides comprehensive information and services regarding opportunities to finance the cost of education, including Tuition Management Services which allow you to extend your cash or credit payments over a period of time (opposed to paying you tuition upfront in whole).  We recognize that financial assistance is an important key to helping you reach your educational and career goals. 

FAFSA Online Information

LSCC participates in the following Federal, State and Institutional Financial Aid Programs: Alabama Student Assistant Grant, Federal Pell Grant, Federal Work Study Program Scholarships, Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant (SEOG), and VA Educational Benefits.   To learn more specifically about Federal Aid, view the video series below and/or click the "Filing the FAFSA" information icon below.


Financial Aid 101:

Information contained in these videos are for educational purposes only and are being brought to you on behalf the Department of Education.  View the videos below to learn more information about FAFSA. 

Completing the FASFA 

                              Video #1:  FAFSA Overview


       Video #2:  Federal Student Aid--Myths About Financial Aid


                         Video #3:  Types of Federal Student Aid

NOTE:  Lawson State does NOT offer loan programs.  However, as students considering transferring to four year colleges, it is important to learn about loan programs, for many higher education institutions do provide loan options for students.

Lawson State Community College DOES NOT have a LOAN program.


           Video #4:  FAFSA:  Determining Your Dependency Status

Information contained in these video presentations are being provided for Educational/Informational Purposes only. 

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