Welcome to the New Staff Orientation / Training Series (on LSCC)

This is a required training module for all full and part-time staff members.

You will have two-weeks to complete this part of the training series.  The Training Series includes 7 lessons.  Some lessons have embedded quizzes.  Please complete all required quizzes as you encounter them.  Staff members should score at least an 80% on each quiz.  Quizzes can be retaken without penalty in order to reach the 80% threshold. 

Click below to access each lesson in the New Staff Training Series

Lesson 1 (Staff): Learning & Discovering Lawson State & the Webpage

Lesson 2 (Staff): The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Lesson 3 (Staff): The Complaint Process (at Lawson State)

Lesson 3b (Staff): Filing Complaints and Student Code of Conduct Violations 

Lesson 4 (Staff):  Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning & Evaluation Processes

Lesson 5 (Staff):  ADA (Americans with Disabilities

Lesson 6 (Staff): 
Employee Suite Operations