Report a Student Issue (Code of Conduct Violations, including Academic Dishonesty) Here

Whether or not you wish to issue a sanction against a student for a code of conduct violation (associated with discipline) or for academic dishonesty, all such incidents should be reported and recorded within the college's online Advocate reporting system.  In that way, the institution will have the ability to track issues related to student behavior and assess the need for sanctions (based on the pattern of behavior) students display on the campus of Lawson State Community College.

Types of Behavior You Should Report:

Code of Conduct Violations (Discipline Issues)
Academic Dishonesty Violations (Cheating Issues)

Due Process Rights of Students

All students are provided with due process rights, meaning they have to right to defend against allegations of cheating or discipline violations (code of conduct violations) prior to sanctions being fully implemented against them.   Thus, in order to carry out a sanction against a student (i.e., student receives a zero on test--due to cheating; student has to complete an online course on the dangers of alcohol and drug use, etc...) the student has a right to be fully heard and to defend such allegations.  Hence, all Code of Conduct violations must to reported (via the Audacity online reporting system) so  the college can investigate the allegation, properly vet the allegation, and ensure that the students due process rights are protected. 

Uniform Sanctions System (at Lawson State):

Under the published Code of Conduct, Lawson State outlines a system of unified sanctions to be given to students who complete a specific violation of the Code of Conduct.  There are two sanction levels, Level 1 (given the first time a student offends) and Level 2, (given the second or third time a student offends).  Exceptions:  Depending upon the severity of the Code of Conduct offense, some students could be subject to a Level 2 sanction (and even expulsion or suspension) after a first time offense (i.e., bring a weapon to campus, use of a weapon on campus, arson, etc...).

 Reporting a Code of Conduct Violation and Imposing a Sanction Against a Student



Step 1:

Report the specific Code of Conduct offense (i.e., cheating offense, behavioral issue, dorm violation, etc...) by clicking on the "Report an Incident" icon below. 

Step 2: 

Follow the steps within the Audacity reporting system and supply all necessary evidence or eyewitness accounts to support your allegations against the student.  Upload any evidence (i.e., cheat sheets, pictures of vandalized equipment, written statement of witnesses, etc...) you have and keep copies of all original evidence in your possession

Step 3:

Select the requested sanction you would like imposed against the student (from the sanction list within the Audacity online reporting system. 
NOTE:  If you only want to report an offense, but you do not wish for a sanction to be issued, you do have the ability within the system to select, "no sanction requested".

Step 4:

Wait. You will be contacted by email by the investigating committee or appropriate Dean.  A decision will be rendered based on the evidence submitted (by you) and the student involved and any and all witnesses.  Typically, after a review of all information submitted (by you and the student) a decision will be rendered.  Under some circumstances, a meeting related to the reported situation will not be necessary.  However, all parties related to the incident (including the reporting faculty or staff member) should be available in case a meeting is requested.