Syllabus Requirements

All Lawson State Community College courses are supported by a course syllabus which outlines the course expectations, objectives and specifics of the course.  The syllabus should be viewed as a binding agreement between the faculty member and the students. Any changes to a syllabus MUST be announced via Blackboard.  All syllabii issued should conform to the syllabus template (as listed below).

Syllabus Do's and Don'ts


  • Update your syllabus each semester
  • Post your syllabus in your Blackboard course by the first day of class
  • Understand and follow the contents of the syllabus
  • Stick to all outlined rules and policies listed in your syllabus
  • Alert students (via a Blackboard and Email announcement of any syllabus changes)
  • Highlight any and all syllabus changes within the actual re-posted syllabus in Blackboard
  • Do follow your grade plan as outlined in your syllabus.  Never make changes to point values or percentages once the syllabus has been read and accepted by students.
  • Ensure that your syllabus grade plan and your Blackboard gradebook are aligned perfectly.
  • Make sure your sylalbus follows the LSCC syllabus template.
  • Make sure all rules you set align and support the colleges mission and are reasonable to both commuting and residential students.
  • Make sure your rules are fair and are not pitted against student access to learning.



  • Avoid making late changes to your syllabus. A late change is anything that is changed after the first two weeks of the start of a semester
  • Never post a syllabus in Blackboard that has not been updated to reflect the current semester you are teaching.
  • Never conduct a course without posting the syllabus on Blackboard
  • Never make a change without notifying students
  • Never make late changes to a syllabus
  • Never institute un-written policies (within your class) that are not "spelled out" in your syllabus    

Blackboard & the Syllabus (Upload Requirement)

All faculty members are required to upload a copy of the course syllabus in Blackboard.  If a change is made to the syllabus, it is the responsibility of the faculty member to post an announcement on Blackboard and highlight the change in the syllabus upon reposting.  


    Syllabus SAMPLE (Click Folder)