Locator Card

Locator Cards should be submitted by all faculty—full and part-time.  Full-time faculty need to submit a breakdown of their 40-hour work schedule (which includes a 1-hour lunch break per day).  Part-time faculty need to only submit their Class Schedule and 1 virtual office hour (for students per week). Locator Cards should be posted on your office door (if full-time) and uploaded in your Blackboard classes (if full or part-time).   Locator Cards are also submitted electronically to the College when you complete your online Faculty Checklist.  Locate your Instructional Calendar for the submission link.

Locator Card Autofill Form/TEMPLATE

Locator Card Printable EXAMPLE #1 (Full-time Instructors)

Locator Card Printable EXAMPLE #2 (Adjunct Instructors w/Online Example)

Use the Locator Template (above) to submit your Locator Card.  The form is an auto-fill form.