Independent Study Approval Process

All Independent Study opportunities must be pre-approved by the Vice President of Instructional Services.

Faculty should submit the following with the request (scroll down for directions):

1.  Updated syllabus
2.  Breakdown of Independent Study assignments and scheduled quizzes and tests
3.  Pre-schedule meeting dates and times with students
4.  Compelling explanation as to why the request is being made.  Advisors making the request must demonstrate that the Independent Study is critical to the students success, particularly as it relates to the student's ability to graduate.

NOTE:  Faculty must demonstrate the that Independent Study course is equivalent to the traditional course and meets all performance standards indicative of a college course.

Independent Study Courses are NEVER granted when the following conditions are in "play":

1.  Student is a first semester LSCC student.
2.  Student is a transient student.
3.  The course is being offered during the same semester the Independent Study is being requested.
4.  Request is being made because the student has a personal conflict with the day and time the course is being conducted.
6.  The Advisor (making the request) cannot demonstrate a "pressing" need for the course during the specific term (i.e., student needst the course to graduate, etc...).

How to Submit an Independent Study Request

Step 1:

First and foremost, assess the validity of the request.  Make sure that prior to submitting the request, you are convinced that an Independent Study is necessary for the academic success of the student. 

The students must meet the following criteria: 
(1) cannot be a Transient student (the student must be a LSCC students);
(2) the student must be a graduating student in need of the course to graduate
(3) the course needed was either cancelled or not offered.
(4) the course sought is the last course needed to graduate

If the student (in question) meets this criteria, move to Step 2.

Step 2: 

Complete the Independent Study Request Form and attach all required documents. 

Click on this picture to access the form, print it off and secure your signatures.

Step 3:

Secure the signatures/approvals of your Department Chair, Associate Dean and Dean prior to submitting the official request to the Vice President.