Blackboard 101 Video Channel (for Faculty)

Setting Up Your Blackboard Account (as a New Employee) & Logging In

Blackboard Requirements for All Faculty

Changing Your Password in Blackboard

Hiding Courses (in Blackboard) on Your Main Page

How to Course Copy in Blackboard

Customizing Your Menu Bar Options in Blackboard

Personalizing the Look of Your Blackboard Courses

Creating Announcements and General Assignments

Creating Assignments in Blackboard (that drop in your gradebook)

Color Coding Your Gradebook in Blackboard

Setting Up Your Gradebook (from Beginning to End, A-Z)

Uploading YouTube Videos in Blackboard (Easily) via the Mashup Button (in Bb)

Need More Training?  Here are 55 More Videos--Learn how to create tests and more (Optional)


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After you complete your Blackboard Basics Course, Take Your Blackboard Application Test and then click on the "Contact Us" button below (to alert us once you are done):Now that you have finished reviewing all of the Blackboard Basic lessons, it is now time to update all of your classes to align with Lawson State's requirements:  Please update your Blackboard courses and add complete the following:

Assignment #1:  Change your menu bar color and theme to reflect your specific course
Assignment #2:  Change your menu bar names to reflect your class assignments and organization
Assignment #3:  Post your upcoming assignments (at least for the next two to three weeks).
Assignment #4:  Post an Announcement or Announcements
Assignment #5:  Post Homework Assignments
Assignment #6:  Post at least one YouTube video using the Mashup button
Assignment #7:  Click on the "Contact Us" button to alert us once you are done updating your Blackboard course.  Just click the button below.