Attendance Recording & Verification (Processes, Procedures, Steps & Tutorials)

One of the most important responsibilities that faculty members have is the recording of attendance daily and accurately.  As a faculty member, it is important to understand the connection between attendance records and financial aid.  Financial Aid is directly linked to attendance records.  Students who do not attend class need to be reported in order for the college and federal government not to issue funds for school.  Thus, it is vital that the attendance records you submit are accurate and up-to-date.  Further, attendance records are considered official records of the college and can be subpoenaed in court cases.   Hence, it is important to understand the implications of recording attendance and the seriousness of the activity itself.

Recording Daily Attendance vs. Attendance Verification

Recording Daily Attendance:

Attendance at Lawson State is recorded via Faculty Suite weekly.  It is due every Friday by midnight and should be submitted electronically. Always double-check the accuracy of the report before submitting.  Recording attendance is NOT submitting attendance.  Faculty must record attendance and then submit attendance for it to be submitted to the college officially.

1.  Login to Faculty Suite
2.  Click on Record Attendance
3.  Submit attendance records--"A" for absent, "T" for tardy and "P" for present
4.  If class was not held due to an emergency, select "Class Not Held" (X)
5.  Double check the accuracy of the report prior to submitting.
6.  Select the Submit Attendance button and follow the authentication prompts to submit

Accurate recording and reporting (submitting) of attendance is tied to Federal mandates; thus, it is vital that all faculty record attendance and submit it accurately.  At Lawson State, attendance MUST be submitted by midnight every Friday, no exceptions. Errors of any kind should be reported to the Registrar's Office.  Call 929-3409 to report recording errors.

View the "How to Record Attendance" Video Below

Begin recording and submitting your class attendance (for each class assigned) the first week of class.  Attendance should be recorded for each week of class, including the Final Exam week. 

When is Attendance Due Each Week?

Attendance is due every Friday by midnight.  Recording of attendance takes place online only.  All faculty MUST meet this recording deadline.  Again,  attendance should be recorded for each week of class, including the Final Exam week. 

View the tutorial below on recording attendance.  After you have viewed this video, begin your traditional series of orientation training below.  

Attendance Verification (No Show Report)

Attendance Verification is NOT the same as recording attendance.  Verification means you are verifying which students in your class are attending and which students are not.  The report, which is submitted via Faculty Suite , is due each semester ("triggered" via email notification).  This report is used to determine which students (who requested financial assistance) are not attending classes, and thus, should not be granted financial support.  Thus, the accuracy of the report is extremely important and has financial implications.

Follow these steps when submitting an Attendance Verification Report:

1. Login Faculty Suite
2. Click on the Attendance Verification link
3. Place the letters NS (indicating that the student is a No Show) next to the name of any students who has NEVER attended your class.
4.  Skip students who are attending.  Nothing should be placed by their names.
5.  Double check your report
6.  Scroll down the page and submit your report.