Interested in Joining the eCollege Faculty?  We would love to have you.

Attributes We are Looking for:

Must be tech-savvy and enjoy working on a computer and learning new things 
Must have a healthy attitude about embracing technology
Must be available over the weekend for student questions (online)
Must be a strong writer and communicator
Must be able to adhere to set eCollege rules related to the eCollege experience
Must be able to follow a set eCollege curriculum formulated by eCollege instructors within your discipline
Must be able to communicate with students in a timely manner (online)
Must be able to establish presence and a professional and friendly tone online
  • Must enjoy the online classroom approach
  • Must be available for online training
  • Must enjoy virtual environments and engaging with students online

Faculty Qualifications:

  • Must have a Masters degree from an accredited higher education institution
  • Must have 18 graduate hours in your teaching discipline (i.e., Business Administration, Biology, English, Psychology, History, Mathematics, English, etc...).  Courses must be pure discipline courses, not hybrid courses.   Example:  Microbiology (approved).  Teaching of Microbiology to secondary student (not an approved course).  This course would  be considered a hybrid course (both biology and education).  Thus, it is not a pure discipline course.  Not sure, if you qualify, we will be happy to pre-assess your credentials (transcripts) for you.  Contact us.
  • Must be a current LSCC faculty member or newly hired within a department.

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