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eCollege Fees (Disclosure)

Below is a listing of fees and expenses associated with registering for an online course at Lawson State

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eCollege offers you the opportunity to take college courses completely online (via Blackboard) without having to come to campus.  If work or family schedules conflict with on-campus classes, you don’t have to give up important responsibilities to pursue an education.  However, there are fees associated with taking online  courses.

Types of Fees:

-Testing fees.  $50 per online course.  Testing fees apply to all online courses, regardless of how test proctoring is administered within the course.  All eCollege courses are required to administer its Mid-term and Final via Proctor U.  Testing fees are collected at the time of registration.
-Additional Testing Fees paid directly to Proctor U:  $5.00 to $8.75, assessed if a student registers to take a proctored exam (via ProctorU) late, 72 hours or less before the exam.  Late fees are subject to change.
-eTextbook fees:  Fees range from $50 to $150+.   Some online and ground courses fold in their etextbook fees at the time of registration to ensure that all students have access to the textbook.  In such cases, students will NOT be required to purchase additional textbooks.  eTextbook fees are collected at the time of registration.
-Equipment fees for online PE courses.  Fess range from $40-150.

*Fees associated with online courses non-negotiable and non-refundable.  Students wishing not to pay testing or equipment fees should take the course on campus.
For tuition fees and rates, click here.

Other Expenses:  Equipment Needed Prior to Testing (Additional Fees Related to Online Learning):

Proctor U requires three critical pieces of equipment in order for your test to be proctored: (1) a computer with Internet access and (2) a mountable (not built in) camera as pictured below; and (3) a audio w/microphone headset.  All equipment  should always be tested prior to your exam.  These types of cameras can be purchased in any Lawson State bookstore or within any major chain to include Walmart, Target, etc...  The cost is minimal.  It is recommend that all online students purchase their camera and audio headset at the same time they secure their textbook.
Computer (No iPads)     Mountable Webcam        Audio/microphone headset     *For PE Courses Only

*All equipment can be purchased in the bookstore or via any major retailer (i.e, Walmart, Target).  Students MUST have Internet access.