Graduation, Transfer-Out and Retention Rates: Lawson State Community College maintains annual information regarding its graduation, transfer-out and retention rates for first-time full-time entering freshmen. While many students enter the College with varying educational goals, the College is required to disclose information for first-time full-time entering freshmen who are certificate or degree-seeking undergraduates and have completed their programs within 150% of the normal time for graduation. Graduation, transfer-out and retention rates are reported to the Department of Education through the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). Data regarding the College’s graduation, transfer-out and retention rates are displayed at IPEDS College Navigator . Students may also request a copy of the report by contacting the Mrs. Jamie Glass at (205) 929-3407 or

Lawson State:  Student Success Information

Click here for the Student Success report on Lawson State Community College (2015-2016).