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What is is a free online tutoring service available to all enrolled Lawson State students.  Students can access a "live" tutor 24/7, 361 out of 365 days a year.....anytime....anywhere.

What services does it provide for Lawson students?

  • Free tutoring on over 250+ subjects
  • Access to over 3,000 tutors
  • Access to a "live" tutor 24/7, open 361 days out of the year.
  • The ability to pre-schedule a tutoring session in advance, if you prefer.
  • Trained, highly qualified tutors
  • Tutoring from any location of your choice
  • On-demand tutoring at any time of day or night

  • What is the cost?

    As a Lawson state student, the College pays for this service for you.  As such, it is free to all students.

    How do I access it?

    You can only access by logging into one of your Blackboard courses.  The folder should be pre-loaded in your Lawson State courses.  

    How do I secure on-demand tutoring (right now) or schedule an appointment with a tutor (for a later date)?

    Watch the video below on how to use
    Student Orientation Video: ​mp4 icon student_session_tdc.mp4