Office of Student Records Printable Online Forms 


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Type Name


 Description of Form

Academic Bankruptcy Form

Used to initiate a request for Academic Bankruptcy of term courses. 

Faculty Course Reinstatement Form

Used by instructors to correct errors in reporting daily class attendance for No Shows.  This is also used to notify the Record's Office if student can be added back to your class.

Change of Address Form

This form allows the student to change their personal, mailing and telephone number.

Student Course Reinstatement Form

This form is used by the Student to request to be reinstated back into a particular course.

Change of Record Request Form 

This form is used to correct or make change your name or social security number.

Change of Major Form

This form is used to make changes to your program of study and/or award.

Catalog Amendment Form

Used by designated officials to request changes to catalog/degree plans. 

Certificate of Completion Form

This form is used by Faculty to record non-enrolled graduates who completed an award.

Transient Letter

Online Transient Request Form to request that a Lawson State Community College transient approval letter be forwarded to another institution.

Course Substitution Form

Used to gain permission to substitute course within a degree plan for another.

Course Overload Request Form 

Used to request additional courses beyond the maximum 19 credit hour load.  No approval will be granted beyond 24 credit hours. 

Drop / Add Form

 Used to drop / add courses during the designated schedule drop/add period (Refer to term schedule booklet for dates) 

LATE Application for Graduation Form

Required in order to receive an Award from Lawson State Community College. (Electronic Notification required see Graduation Information)

Should ONLY be filed out if online Application deadline is closed.

Multiple LSCC Ceremony
Commencement Participant Form

Required for students who wish to participate in multiple LSCC Ceremony Commencements.  This form is needed to access the additional fee for participation.

Non-Release of Directory Information

This form is used for students who do not wish to have
directory information released.

Parchment Transcript Request Form

All transcript requests are completed through Parchment.  There is a $5 cost for each transcript.

Trial Schedule

Used to prepare your class schedule in a given form. 

Release of Information

This form is intended to give parental and/or employer limited rights to certain student records information.  Form must be signed and delivered to the Records office in person by the student in order to be valid.