Eligibility and Restrictions

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Eligibility Requirements:

2.5 GPA or higher unweighted grade point average. The student must be a current 10th, 11th or 12th grade high school student.  Once a student graduates high school, he or she is no longer eligible for the Dual Enrollment program.  Rising freshman are NOT eligible for Dual Enrollment.  Students must be enrolled as sophomores in high school to begin eligibility for this program.

Some Restrictions Apply:

  • Click here to view the Approved Program Listing below.  These are the only programs that are covered under the grant.  Funds are not guaranteed and are limited.  Funds cover tuition, fees  and books (while funds last).
  • Funds are not guaranteed.  Follow the steps outlined under the various tracks (from the previous page you were on) for more information on what courses/programs are covered under the grant. Grant funds DO NOT cover General Education courses except select math, English and limited biology courses.
  • If a returning DE student failed any DE class the previous semester, they CANNOT enroll the following semester.  They will be placed on the Do Not Admit list.  Summer term does not count towards this temporary suspension.  For example, if a student received a "D" or "F" in a DE course in the spring term, he or she would not be eligible to return until the following spring.  Or, if a student failed a class in the fall, he or she would not be eligible to return until the summer term.
  • Must be 17.5 years of age (at the time of registration) to register for the Nursing Assistant Program of the EMT /EMS--Emergency Medical Technician Programs.
  • Must have a valid state issued ID or driver's license to participate OR if the student does not have a state issued ID, he or she can present a birth certificate along with an  I-NOW high school verification letter (together).  See your high school counselor to secure the I-NOW high school verification letter. 
  •  Must have a 18 ACT score on the math section of the ACT to enroll in MTH100 courses or above.
  •  Must have a 18 ACT score on the English section of the ACT to enroll in ENG101 courses or above.
  •  Must have completed your freshman year of high school studies in order to register for any dual enrollment courses.
  • Must have an 18 ACT score to pursue Pre-nursing.  Students are not limited in terms of taking classes towards Pre-Nursing, but would not be able to apply (for admission into the program) if they do not have an 18 ACT combined score.  What does this mean? This means that a student can pursue courses without any limits, but must continue to retake the ACT in order to score an 18 or higher if they one day wish to apply to get into the nursing program.  We do not prohibit students from enrolling in Pre-Nursing coursework.
  • Must first complete any pre-requisite courses, where applicable.  For example, you cannot enroll in MTH112 if you have not successfully passed MTH100, etc.
  • Dual Enrollment students cannot take Developmental Education courses.
  • Rising freshman are NOT permitted access to Dual Enrollment course; all students  MUST be sophomores to register.