In-State Residency

If you checked one of the first two boxes listed on the residency certification page of your admission application or indicated Alabama as your state of residency on your online application, you will be charged resident tuition rates for your classes. 

If you could not check one of the first two boxes listed on the residency certification page of the admissions application and wish to petition for in-state residency, you are required to complete / submit a Lawson State Community College Certification of Eligibility for In-State Residency form including sufficient documentation to the Director of Admissions. The Director of Admissions must certify all documentation before the in-state tuition rate is official and applied to your account. The secondary form is required and it lists the types of documentation you may provide to potentially establish in-state residency. Please contact the Admissions Office for more information (205-929-3414 or 205-929-6309). 


Documentation and the form may be mailed or personally delivered to either Admissions Office location. To be deemed eligible for in-state tuition, an applicant must
(1) be a United States citizen or be a non-citizen who has been granted permanent residency status by the United States government; and
(2) the applicant must be either 
            (a.) a duly registered resident in the State of Alabama for at least 12 months immediately preceding application for admission, or
            (b.) have a non-estranged spouse who has resided and had habitation, home and permanent abode in the State of Alabama for at least 12 months immediately preceding application for admission, or
            (c.) in the case of a minor dependent seeking admission, have parents, parent, or legal guardian who have/has resided in the State of Alabama at least 12 months immediately preceding application for admission.

If a student’s parents are divorced, the residency of the parent to whom the court has granted custody will determine residence or a single individual under 19 years of age and a married individual under 18 years of age, but excludes an individual whose disabilities of non-age have been removed by a court of competent jurisdiction for a reason other than establishing a legal resident in Alabama. 

Supporting person means either or both parents of the student, if the parents are living together, or if the parents are divorced or living separately, then either the parent who has legal custody or, if different, the parent providing the greater amount of financial support.

If both parents are deceased or if neither parent has legal custody, supporting person shall mean, in the following order: the legal custodian of the student, the guardian, and the conservator.

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