Applying for LSCC Admission while on Academic Suspension from Your Previous College

The application for admission contains the question, "Are you currently on suspension from the last college / university you attended?"  Lawson State Community College applicants answering "Yes" to this question must have their admission applications reviewed by the Admissions Appeals Committee before they may be considered for admission.  This is because the response is indicative of one who is currently on Academic Suspension from the last institution attended. The Admissions Appeals Committee reviews admission appeal cases (and renders decisions) a few days prior to the beginning of each semester. 

Application Steps (Following a Suspension):

Once the committee reviews all appeals, applicants are notified of their admission status by telephone and followed by a formal admission or non-admission letter.  If you are currently on Academic Suspension at the last college / university you attended and wish to apply for admission at Lawson State, please follow these steps to complete your admission file and to initiate an admission appeal:

Step 1:  Complete Your Application for Admission

Submit a completed application for admission.  Please apply using a paper application. 

Step 2:  Submit your ID

Submit the required form of ID along with your paper application for admission.   



Step 3:  Submit your official transcripts to Lawson State Community College

Have official transcripts from each previously attended college / university sent to our office, including your high school transcript and / or GED score report to Lawson State Community College.  (Lawson State Community College, Birmingham Campus, 3060 Wilson Road, S.W., Birmingham, AL 35221, Attention: Admissions Office OR Lawson State Community College, Bessemer Campus, 1100 9th Avenue S.W., Bessemer, AL 35022, Attention: Admissions Office. Males between 18-26 must also provide proof of selective service registration. (

Step 4:  Submit Your Admission Appeal Online


Write / Submit Your Appeal

 Click the link to the left to submit your online written appeal and follow the instructions on the provided form.  Your written appeal should address the circumstances that led to your academic suspension and the steps you intend to take which will lead you to improved academic performance.   Please note all extenuating circumstances which affected your ability to successfully complete your courses.  The Admissions Appeals Committee will review admissions appeals from students whose files are completed three or more days before the beginning of a semester.

You will receive a letter from the Admissions Office which will either: 1) verify that your admission appeal was approved or 2) formally deny you admission to the College.