Transforming Library Experiences  
Building Collections for the 21st Century

Ms. Sandra Henderson, Activity Director

 Library collections are dramatically changing and funds are needed to transform the collection into a global information environment. Online and distance learning resources are growing rapidly and library services must accommodate distance users as well as students in person. Title III funds will make it possible for the library to provide additional online resources, live chats, embedded e-librarians, create online teaching modules and extended digital resources. Furthermore, the library needs to adopt mobile devices such as iPads, e-readers and instructional apps to enhance learning opportunities and connect to users. Virtual classrooms featuring all programs of the college offer organized collections of resources in a variety of formats to support the course curriculum 24/7. Funds are needed to maintain cutting-edge technology and equip students with the knowledge needed to access information in today’s society.

The activity will also assist in advocating information literacy and lifelong learning by creating an environment which promotes retention, student success and increase graduation rates. Prospective graduates often use the library to search for job placement information, constructing resumes and to obtain interviewing techniques. The activity is related to the mission of the institution via institutional goals:

Goal 1: To maintain an innovative, competitive and global recognized instructional program.
Goal 3: To thoroughly integrate technology college-wide in instruction and administrative services.
Goal 6: To maintain facilities on both campuses that is appropriate for educational programs and administrative services.