Strengthening the Electronic Media Curriculum

Ms. Rachel Morgan, Activity Director

The Media Communications Curriculum objectives seek to create a comprehensive, diverse and contemporary plan for providing educational opportunities and access related to media education for the community that Lawson State Community College serves. The curriculum has a strong focus on media awareness and media navigation education. Furthermore, the objectives seek to impact change in the regional media production industry, an impact that will also reach well beyond the geographic region. The individuals who are trained and prepared now for entrance into the media workforce are the ones who will help to shape the media industry in Alabama; a shape that should be representative and as diverse as the state itself. In providing such training and support Lawson State will be responding to a specific business and industry training need and the objectives work to promote economic growth and enhance the quality of life for people in Lawson State’s service area.

The Media Communications Curriculum strongly supports institution-wide Student Learner Outcomes by increasing critical thinking skills, effective communication skills and, of course, by strengthening visual literacy.. Increasingly the media field includes position openings such as content writers, web video producers, creative directors, social media managers and strategists, public relations personnel, media buyers, web designers, media researchers, videographers, video editors, media programmers and more. Furthermore, by providing media awareness and production related educational opportunities, the curriculum will enrich the Lawson State student life experience.