Strengthening The Office of Student Financial Services

Ms. Angela Croskey, Activity Directory 

The Office of Student Financial Services at Lawson State Community College is a major student services department that impacts students who are least likely to be able to pay for a college education. Funds will be used to assist the college with strengthening compliance efforts, sustaining student financial services reviews and maintaining fiscal responsibility and accountability with the Department of Education. The activity is designed to sustain the financial aid computer lab to increase the utilization of on-line financial aid assistance by 25% each year (1578 students -2010/2011 baseline data) and provide a “Help Desk” concept for student customer services and to meet the online requirements of the federal government. The activity is also designed to develop a Management Improvement Program (MIP) to help the Office of Student Financial Services improve current & future administration of Title IV programs, by helping to identify the cause of noncompliance associated with the return to Title IV calculations, Pell Grant over awards, file verifications and review processes, timely reconciliations with fiscal affairs, timely return of Title IV funds, and timely reviews of student records to ensure timely disbursement of credit balances. The activity will also be responsible for the education, training, retraining, and retooling of the Student Financial Services staff through professional development opportunities, seminars, workshops and memberships necessary to maintain skills and acquire skills needed to assist students through the application process and ensure timely filing. This will also facilitate the successful completion of registration by paying tuition and fees with the approved financial aid.

The activity is related to the mission of the institution via institutional goals:

Goal 1: To maintain a comprehensive exemplary student services division.
Goal 2: To thoroughly integrate technology college-wide in instruction and administrative services.