Strengthening Professional Development

Dr. Bruce Crawford, Activity Director

Professional development is critical to a successful institution. Institutions of higher learning should continually strive to keep their faculty and staff current in their respective fields and provide a faculty that is highly qualified to teach in the subjects’ field. Research indicates that individuals who participate in development activities are re-energized and that the institution that sponsors development programs reap large benefits from investing in the faculty and staff. Although professional development has been an expectation at the institution, the systematization of efforts continues. Mid-year and annual reviews dictate that some faculty participates in professional development activities. Others participate because of their desire to stay current and/or obtain additional degrees of specialization. Any specific areas where training is needed in new and emerging technologies and within the curriculum in general will be provided the areas in which professional development is offered through on campus and off campus activities.

The activity is related to the mission of the institution through three institutional goals:
Goal 1: To develop an exemplary and world class instructional program.
Goal 2: To thoroughly integrate technology college-wide in instruction.
Goal 3: To support professional development of faculty through a comprehensively structured program.