Strengthening Instructional Facilities

Mr. Chad Yancy, Activity Director

This activity is designed to improve instructional facilities on the Birmingham Campus while enhancing and supporting the teaching and learning environment at Lawson State Community College. Funds are requested to increase and/or renovate instructional space in the Ward Technology Building, the A. G. Gaston Building, the Shores Fine Arts Building, the Howard Building, the Horn Building, the Child Development programmatic area, the Kennedy Center, Buildings A, B, C, and D, the Hall Building and the One Stop facility. Each facility will include the addition of smart classroom technology, remote library access, computer laboratories to supplement the in-class learning environment, student seating and instructional work furnishings. Additionally, deferred maintenance needs will be necessary to ensure an environment conducive to teaching and learning with upgrades to bathroom facilities, HVAC systems, upgrades and maintenance to undertake energy efficient programs to include computerizing thermostats campus-wide, disability accessibility areas, roof and roof systems repairs, lighting up grades and proper disposal of light fixtures, and plumbing and painting concerns in all instructional facilities.

Training of personnel within the physical plant area will be needed so that their skills can be upgraded thereby strengthening their ability to work in an environment that requires more technical and/or digital capabilities. Another area of need is the communications system and includes the campus wireless network, upgrade campus telephone VOIP System and upgrade telephones sets, maintenance services contracts on software and software systems such as Alliant, Blackboard, and Tegrity and memberships in Professional Organizations that allows the college access to online data, services, best practices etc.

A final area of concern is campuswide safety and security needs that will be addressed through the college’s police department. Consequently, the latest technology for security such as cameras, motion sensors, laptop computers, as well as the completion of a security fence designed to extend around the outer perimeter of the campuses is needed. Safety also includes sanitation issues to ensure meeting Department of Health Standards with the swimming pool and wellness center, and issues connected to viruses, mold, mildew, science lab monitoring, accidents, clean up, and disposal of instructional test supplies as needed.