Distance Education/eLearning

Mrs. Kesha M. James, Activity Director

This activity will allow the institution to establish and implement a college-wide Distance Learning or eLearning Program. The college will be able to expand access to meet the educational and training needs of its constituencies and to education underserved populations. It will assist the college in alleviating constraints of its bricks-and-mortar capacities. The college will also be able to capitalize on emerging market opportunities which will hopefully help generate additional revenue and educate the populace.

The activity is directly related to the mission of “providing affordable and accessible lifelong learning opportunities through varied instructional modes in order to prepare students for employment or career advancements. The activity will provide anytime, anyplace learning opportunities through an array of distance learning technologies and delivery systems. Remote instruction (e-teaching_ for distance learning will be offered in the form of text, impact, video, audio, animations, simulations, and/or tutorials that are assembled and transformed into stand-alone modules for interactive e-learning. Faculty will work towards department-level curricular redesign that will help to institutionalize online education and produce quality online course and degree offerings. The institution will use Quality Matters, a nationally recognized faculty centered, peer review process designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses for quality assurance.

Curriculum redesign, faculty training, the installation of Smartroom technologies and the latest in web-based technologies will be utilized to successfully implement this activity. Additionally, online tutoring will be developed and available for all students in the eLearning environment.