Program Administration

Dr. Myrtes D. Green, Activity Director
Mrs. Eula M. Todd, Administrative Assistant 

This activity is designed to provide leadership to the programmatic and fiscal monitoring of all activities that are funded by the Title III B Program. Program Administration has the specific responsibility of assuring that the project activities are implemented as stipulated in the grant application. The activity will facilitate the maximum impact of the activities on the mission and goals of Lawson State Community College. Activity personnel will serve as the institutional liaison for all activities funded under this initiative. The activity is responsible for ensuring that the overall Title III Program follows the guidelines of the U.S. Department of Education. Additionally, it will be responsible for ensuring the integration of the directives of the college’s president in relation to the stipulated college policies and procedures and federal compliance mandates.

The program administration activity director will assist all Title III activity directors in accomplishing their goals. Quarterly meetings will be held between program administration and activity directors as well as an annual retreat. These will provide opportunities to present and share new information, exchange ideas and assess the overall progress of the funded projects. It will also ensure that all required reporting documents are completed correctly and in a timely manner.

This activity is related to the institutions mission through all of the institutional goals.