Management Information Systems

Dr. Randy Glaze, Activity Director

Management Information Systems (MIS) supports the mission of the College by providing access for all faculty, staff and students to a core group of essential informational technology services including but not limited to high speed wired and wireless networks, email, common software, data security, and desktop computer support to assist them as they teach, learn, and conduct business at Lawson State Community College. Specifically, objectives for the five year period support the goal of thoroughly integrating technology college-wide in instructional administrative services. A plan will be developed to upgrade all existing fiber to 10 Gigabit single mode fiber. CAT6 with plenum will be the standard for copper wiring. The switch infrastructure will need updating for communication with the 10 Gigabit fiber. The upgrade to 10 Gigabit fiber will support increased bandwidth and current and new technologies which requires additional single mode fiber and switches.

Redundancy remains a problem especially in case of a catastrophic outage. Currently, there is one router provided by the Alabama Supercomputer Authority; the router is located on the Birmingham campus. Backup systems will need to expand. During the next five years, the smart classroom technology is expected to expand as well as technology related to distance education. The College’s homepage needs to be upgraded to accommodate applications to support iPhone, Android and iPads.