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Improving Academic Success of Developmental (At-Risk) Students

Dr. Sherri Davis, Activity Director
Mr. Shelley Millender, Instructor

High numbers of entering high school students (freshman) and GED students, continue to come to college ill-prepared for post-secondary instruction. In fact, over 75% of entering freshman, test into at least one developmental class. Skill levels of these students range from severely academic deficient to mildly academic deficient, and having such an activity to address these deficiencies directly is impacting. In addition, these same students often lack the academic maturity, self-efficacy and central focus to stay in school without intervention.

It is clear that the developmental program which targets remediation in English, mathematics and reading supports the mission and provides students with a unique opportunity to learn and matriculate to their college level classes. In filling this academic gap, developmental students are not only able to move to the next course level, but if successful, can complete their goal to graduate and either secure gainful employment or transfer to the college of their choice.

Developmental students will be immersed in academic support in order to remediate their skills (and perform better academically). This remediation and immersion will facilitate the retention of more developmental students at the college. Retention and support of struggling students is essential to the ultimate improvement of the lives of students.