The Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning (CTEL)

Dr. Sherri Davis, Activity Director

The Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning (CTEL) is designed to foster faculty development and promote the use of emerging technologies (specifically Web 2.0 technologies) and state-of-the-art instructional strategies. In doing so, the center ultimately promotes a more engaged student learning experience and improved learning (for both faculty and students). As noted, the center focuses on enhancing student learning through the utilization and implementation of advanced technologies within the infrastructure of the college and through the advancement of the technology literacy of its staff. Expansion of technologies include, but are not limited to: expanded use of Smart technology, implementation of targeted technologies within academic classrooms; extended access to online training platform services and support; improved understanding of technology knowledge; and improved use of the current Learning Management System (Blackboard) and eCollege course delivery.  

CTEL directly supports the mission of Lawson State for it is targeted on improving the quality and delivery of instruction (both in the traditional and non-traditional classroom setting). In addressing the need to engage faculty and equip them with the necessary skills to improve instruction, CTEL impacts learning directly. Improved instruction leads to improved student learning, and improved student learning directly ties back to the mission, particularly as it relates to preparing students for either employment or enable students to transfer.

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