Free ACCUPLACER Boot Camp Online.

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After each level of successful completion of a developmental course, you can opt to retake the ACCUPLACER test.  Before doing so, take the online Boot Camp to better prepare you for the test.  Students are also (of course) encouraged to take the Boot Camp prior to taking the ACCUPLACER the first time.  

Eligibility to Retake ACCUPLACER (if you are taking a Developmental Class):

1.  Must have placed in a Developmental Course (a course under level 100).  Example:  MTH090, MTH098, ENG092, ENG093, etc...
2.  Cannot be currently enrolled in a developmental course.  Must TEST between (NOT DURING) semesters only.  Example:  At the end or very beginning of spring term, summer term or fall term. Look for semester gaps and get tested before enrolling.
3.  Cannot switch out of a developmental class mid-stream. 
4.  Cannot switch out of developmental class after the drop and add period has lapsed.
5.  Must pay any and all testing fees, if applicable.
6.  Students are only eligible for one retest following the Boot Camp during any given semester.

How to Complete the Boot Camp:

Complete Part I & Part II.  Spend a full week (7 days) viewing all tutorials under each area, or within your specific area of weakness, and complete the Part II practice activities below.

Part I:  Click below for the Math, English and Reading VIDEO Tutorials. View Each then Move to Part II.

      Math Tutorials                               English Tutorials                     Reading Tutorials

Part II:  Practice the ACCUPLACER Skills in Math, English and Reading

Click here
for Pre-Algebra Practice

Click here for Algebra Practice

Click here for Reading Practice

Click here for Writing Skills Practice

Click here for eWrite Practice for Essay Writing

Additional Support

ACCUPLACER Study Guide & Practice Test -Click Here!  

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