Registration Help Desk & FAQ's


We have four different ways to directly assist you if you need help during the registration period.  Below, review each and select the means that best fits your situation.

Online Registration Issues--Not able to register online

Issue #1:  You are blocked from registering online or logging in Student Suite

If you are blocked from registering online, let us know so we can assist.  Click on the computer icon below to report your problem and secure help.  NOTE: If you have a hold on your account, you will NOT be permitted to register online until you clear the hold on your account.

Before submitting a Help Ticket, login Student Suite and check to see if you have HOLD on your account.  If you have a HOLD on your account, you must contact the office that placed the HOLD on your account and resolve the matter (i.e., you owe the Admissions Office some paper; you owe a parking ticket; you owe the library a late book fee, etc...).  You will NOT be able to register online or on campus until you get your HOLD lifted.  Filing a Help Ticket will not help you to lift a HOLD.  You must resolve this matter on your own.

Expect normal delays of 1-24 hours in response time, depending up when you submit your request.  Weekend tickets can take anywhere from 24-48 hour response times

Issue #2:  I cannot Login my Student Suite account, or I am having trouble with my Email account Login.

Be sure you are following the correct Login directions.  Once you have tripled checked, and not before, file a Help Ticket here by clicking on the Tech. Support icon to your left.   Expect normal delays of 1-24 hours in response time, depending up when you submitted your request.  Weekend tickets can take anywhere from 24-48 hour response times. 


Issue #3:  I Have General Questions or Advising Questions Not Covered Under FAQ's  Below and are NOT Related to Financial Aid

We will help you with your general registration questions and even advising questions.  To ask a question, simply click on the Ask a Question icon (on your left).  We will be happy to assist you in any way possible.  NOTE:  If you are in need of a full advisement session and have more than three questions to ask regarding your degree plan, please see your advisor. This Q&A feature is not designed to replace your normal advising.  Also, we do not field financial aid questions here.  If you have a financial aid question, please contact Financial Aid direction.



Face-to-Face Help Option:

Seek help (face-to-face) at the Help Desk (which runs on both campuses) during the FIRST WEEK of classes (every term).  The Help Desk runs from 8:00-2:00 p.m. and from 5:00-6:30 p.m. the first week of school  only (Monday-Thursday), and from 8:00 a.m.-noon (on that Friday).  Prior to the start of classes, see your academic advisor for questions.  Location of Help Desk (Bessemer Campus):  In the Student Services lobby near the Information Desk, A-Building.  Location of Help Desk (Birmingham Campus):  In the main library, D-Building. 

Frequently Asked Registration Questions 

Question:  How do I get qualified to register online: 
Answer:  See your advisor and complete the request online (above). 

Question: Why can't I register online?  The system says I am not authorized. 
Answer: Sometimes it is just a matter of the college activating you.  However, if you have a hold on your account (typically due to monies being due the college or missing paperwork), you cannot register online until the hold is lifted.

 How do I clear up a Hold on my account?
Answer: Go to Student Suite to view your Hold.  It will tell you what Department placed the Hold (i.e, Business Office, Library, Police Department (for a ticket), Admissions, etc...).  Once you locate who placed the Hold on your account, contact them directly to clear up the matter or make payment, if payment is due.

 When is the best time to register online?
Answer: It is best to register for classes the semester before the term begins.  Online register, though, stays open throughout the first week of classes.  Students can register up until the Add/Drop period ends.

Question: What does "Out of Degree Plan" mean?
Answer: It means that you have registered for a class that is not listed on your degree plan.  If you are a Pell Grant students, your Pell will not cover the tuition for a class that is not a part of your degree plan.  Drop such classes unless this is course you are trying to take for personal reasons and plan to pay for the course yourself.

Question: How long does the Drop and Add period last?
Answer: The Add/Drop period ends after the first week of classes.

Question: What happens if I wait to register after the first day of classes?
Answer: You will be charged a late fee?

Question: Can I register during the second week of classes?
Answer: Not for regular or Mini-term 1 classes.  However, you can register for Mini-term 2 classes.

Question: Once classes have started, can I make changes to my schedule?
Answer: Yes. You can make changes the first week of classes only.  However, once that time is up, no more changes can be made to your schedule.

Question: What should I do if I need to make a change after the Drop and Add period ends?
Answer:  You cannot.  You either have to accept the schedule as printed, or you will have to opt to withdraw from one or more of your classes.  No new classes, unless they are Mini-term 2 classes, can be added after the Drop and Add period ends.  Keep in mind that withdrawing prematurely from a class can have financial aid or overall financial penalties. 

Question: Are there academic penalties for withdrawing from a class?
Answer: No. 

Question: When is the last day to withdraw?
Answer: Every term has a different "Last Day to Withdraw" date.  View the Academic Calendar for the specific date.  The Calendar is located under Quick Links...Discover LSCC and on the main webpage (at the top).

 I'm trying to register for a Mini-term 2 class after the first week of classes have already occurred, but the system will not let me.  What am I doing wrong?
Answer: At some point during the semester, typically after the Drop and Add period ends, online registration is shut down.  If you did not register for your Mini-term 2 class during the regular registration period, you will have to register for your new Min-term 2 class by completing an Add form and submitting that form to the Registrar's/Admissions Office on either campus.

Question:  Are there tutorials available to help student to learn how to register online?
Answer:  Yes.  Click on the "Register Now" button from the Current Students page and follow the prompts to the tutorials.